Because to get love, you have to give it...
Consumer media, publishing and messaging solutions. This time, with emotion.


Shakespeare would've invented psychology, AND transactional analytics.. AND big data. Sadly... he (she?) died in 1616, too early for t'internet.

So, 1616 Media brings emotional experiences onto digital: with interactive, miniature, visual narratives; and sound effects; and two-way base comms; and your ability to personalise with your own words. Today, our stage is 21st century technology with expertise on mobile devices.

Look around our group - Publishing & Messaging enables users to FEEL what you're saying. Big Data offers emotionally-led insights. Content brings you visual media from the latest and greatest in the worlds of art, design and illustration.

And our flagship, the Be Momentful app, helps people express what they really feel, when it matters, to the people who matter most.


HEALTH WARNING: wireless technologies will tie you up in knots.

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Converged communications were promised in the 90's. We've had the rise and fall of Facebook, we've had Trump and we might even get Brexit. Missions to Mars, space travel, drones.. but it's a nope on converged communications. Still not happening. Ouch.

Be Momentful

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Another example of making a moment on mobile:

Want to be kissed?

The emotional relationship between the sender and recipient of a message, or a story, or pitch, is key to determining the sender's ability to inspire... or amuse, provoke, educate, inform.

Recommended reading: Mark Gobe, "Emotional Branding; the new paradigm connecting brands to people", 2010


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