Moments at work

Moments at Work is a managed service from 1616 Media to help businesses promote inclusion, participation and wellbeing across their distributed workforces.

Moments at Work is a managed service encouraging people to have more meaningful connections. We offer a simple, accessible, cost-effective and immediate solution to start engendering goodwill, respect and participation across the organisation.

It’s the small efforts and gestures we make in life and at work which will manifest as bigger and more visible statements in time.

People have ever-higher expectations of their right to happiness at work and in uncertain times, we look to our employers for support.

If that support is not forthcoming, it can easily lead to low employee engagement, which in the absence of direct, compelling and time-consuming management, can spiral to more significant issues as demonstrated in this image.

Employers are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate corporate responsibility and duty-of-care in the workplace, and having to demonstrate that they can cope with changing attitudes.

Giving your individuals and teams the ability to communicate in a more human way, simply by tapping into the human emotional spectrum and championing personal, authentic gestures of connection, can help accommodate that level of expected support.

For the business:
  • Demonstrates duty of care
  • Promotes inclusive values
  • Provides real-time data on levels of participation and engagement
  • Acts as early warning system for bigger HR issues
  • Reduces dis-engagement and increases loyalty and welllbeing

For employees:
  • Builds stronger, more positive relationships and interactions across the organisation
  • Treats people like REAL human beings and makes employees feel connection and belonging
  • Helps dispersed colleagues maintain and nurture better interpersonal relationships even if apart, geographically distant or working in the field
  • Increases sense of engagement and wellbeing
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Moments at work